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This installation guide will help you to get the ISRA Parsytec RSS Feed on your computer. Use can use Outlook or you will have to download a RSS Reader from the web, if you don't have one installed yet.  We recommend the klipfolioTM Personal Dashboard.







Step by Step Instruction for klipfolio Personal Dashboard

1. Download and install klipfolioTM Personal Dashboard.
    binary opsiyonlar Note: there are english and german software versions available .



2. Launch var kan man köpa Viagra säkert klipfolioTM Personal Dashboard.



3. Click on the RSS-Logo in the top menu of opzionibinarie a un euro login klipfolioTM (see instaforex opcje binarne Figure 1).


Figure 1: Add RSS or ATOM Feeds




4. Enter opzioni binarie bilaterali "http://www.parsytec.de/index.php?id=411&type=100" in the corresponding URL input field and confirm with left click on sistema de comercio electrónico del modelo negocio a negocio Add Feed (Figure 2: left).



Figure 2: Adding the ISRA Parsytec RSS Feed



5. After the Parsytec RSS Feed has been added ( http://www.kenyadialogue.com/?selena=forx-trader&96b=53 forx trader Figure 2: right), shut the Feed Viewer window by clicking on opzioni binarie sito di prova Close.



6. Now, the Parsytec RSS Feed has been added to your reader. Get the latest  news from the new http://nottsbushido.co.uk/hotstore/Hotsale-20150822-59731.html bdswiss alternative Parsytec - Surface Quality Yield Management window ( خيار ثنائي إسرائيل Figure 3).



Figure 3: Parsytec RSS Feed



7. By clicking on the opzioni binarie incrocio medie mobili Refresh Button ( köp billig Viagra Figure 4) you will get the latest news from all RSS Feeds you have added to your reader (news will be updated every 2 hours by standard).



Figure 4: Refresh all Klips



8. bollinger bands period definition Keep your RSS-News saved: Choose forex bank hyllie öppettider Preferences -> Show Preferences from the main menu, go to the General sheet  and activate Never remove old items in the marked drop down menu (see Figure 5).



Figure 5: Keep your RSS News saved



9. (optional) Customize your reader by closing windows (klips), which you don't need: right-click on the corresponding klip-icon in the header of the klip. Choose Manage Clip -> Hide or Manage Klip -> Delete from the context menu (e.g. Figure 6).



Figure 6: Your customized klipfolio RSS Reader



10. Finished.






Step by Step Instruction for Outlook

It is possible to add and read RSS Feeds in Outlook. Just install the freeware plugin RSS Popper and get the latest RSS News from the new RSS folder.

opzioni binarie metodo martingala Note: You will have to ensure, that the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 (~24 MB download) is installed on your computer.



1. Download and install the latest Version of RSS Popper (0.5 MB).



2. Ensure, that Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 (~24 MB download) is installed on your computer.



3. Launch Outlook and find a new shortcut bar below the standard shortcuts (Figure 1, top). You will also find a new folder (named "RSS") in your email folder list (Figure 1, left).



Figure 1: New Shortcut bar and RSS folder



4. Click on RSS Popper -> Edit Feeds in the shortcut bar (Figure 1, top) to open the Feeds Info window (Figure 2).



5. Click on the New button (Figure 2, right) and choose RSS/Atom Feed.



Figure 2: Add RSS/Atom Feed



6. Type  http://ayto-daganzo.org/?kefir=auto-opzioni-binarie-italiani&cc8=30 auto opzioni binarie italiani "http://www.parsytec.de/index.php?id=411&type=100" in the Link input field and confirm with clicking twice on OK (Figure 3).



Figure 3: Enter the Parsytec RSS adress



7. Now, the Parsytec RSS Feed has been added to your RSS list (Figure 4). Customize your list by enabling, disabling or deleting RSS Feeds, which you don't need. Then close the Feeds Info windows by clicking on OK.



Figure 4: Parsytec RSS Feed has been added



8. Activate the RSS Feed by clicking on RSS is OFF in the RSS shortcut bar (it will turn into RSS is ON). Now you will receive the latest Parsytec News in your RSS folder (Figure 5).

(Not needed subfolders can be deleted: right-click on the corresponding folder, choose Delete FolderName ... )




Figure 5: Receive Parsytec RSS News



9. Finished.